Terms & Conditions

Shipping Policy.

Printfly ® apparel Pvt Ltd, here mentioned as the company, has the undermentioned shipping policy for dispatching the goods against the orders of the customers.

  1. All supplies in all orders are shipped to its destinations by the company in “To Pay” transportation charges system. The customer has to make the payment for transportation charges on receipt of the goods at her/his end.
  2. If the company has to make payments for transportation charges of the goods for some unforeseen conditions, the company reserves the right to charge the same amount from the customer in the bill, for payment.
  3. The customer is requested to check her/his email for updated tracking numbers. The customer should receive an email tracking notification from the company or the transporters, when the order ships.
  4. The customer can contact the company’s customer care division for any help regarding tracking the goods.
  5. The company will insure the goods at the time of delivery, on receipt of special request from the customer to do so. The insurance charges are to be borne by the customer and will be included in the bill amount.

Payment Policy.

Printfly ® Apparel Pvt Ltd has a very rigid payment policy regarding payments against orders from its customers. The main points in payment policy is as under:

  1. An advance deposit of 75% of the bill amount is required to start the processing of the order by the company. This clause is effective for all those orders whose bill amount exceeds Rs 2000/-. Balance payment of 25% of the bill amount should be paid at the time of delivery of the goods, as and when the customer receives the intimation of her/his order been completed by the company and is waiting dispatch.
  2. The goods of the order will only be delivered to the customer, when the company receives the full payment of the bill amount against that particular order.
  3. The orders whose bill amount remains less than Rs 2000/-, have to make 100% payment at the time of placing the order to the company, for the company to start processing the order.
  4. Delayed orders as a result of delayed deposit payment will not be rushed to meet any given deadline.
  5. The company mentioned here in this policy may be read in lieu of Printfly ® Apparel Pvt Ltd, Indore, M.P.,
  6. The company will issue an approved Purchase Order only when the above clauses in the Payment Policy have been fulfilled by the customers.

Cancellation Policy.

Printfly ® Apparel Pvt Ltd, now here on referred as company, has a very distinct policy for cancellation of orders placed with the company.

  1. The company will not entertain at any circumstances, any cancellation request of the placed order, after the order has been introduced in the process of production. The customer has to accept the goods against her/his order and make full payments of the bill amount.
  2. The order can only be cancelled well before the order has been processed. Otherwise, all liabilities related to cancellation of orders rest on the customer only.
  3. If the customer is able to cancel the order before its being processing, the company can cancel the order free of charge.
  4. If the customer attempts to cancel the order after it has already been printed, the company is unable to cancel the order.